The BMW M Power Club reunites to celebrate 50 Years of M in Ghabga night in Bahrain.

The BMW M Power Club of Bahrain reunited to celebrate 50 Years of M, as the storied group rejoined for a traditional Ghagba night to mark the brand’s historic milestone in Manama.

The traditional evening of celebration allowed admirers of the M brand to engage with fellow fans of the M fleet in its history-making year, with Sheikh Salman bin Rashid Al Khalifa, chairman of the BMW M club of Bahrain in attendance to mark the occasion.

As one of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s oldest clubs, the BMW M Power Club of Bahrain rejoined together for the first time since 2019 in its first post-pandemic event to commemorate the major milestone of the BMW Group this year.

In 2022, BMW celebrates the illustrious 50-year story of its M fleet and its uncompromising drive for perfection in automotive design, with over 40 members of the M Power Club of Bahrain joining to reflect and reminise on their experiences with the M brand.

David McGoldrick, General Manager at Euro Motors and M Club Members of Bahrain said: “It has been a pleasure to be here at the BMW M Power Ghagba Night, as we celebrate the illustrious history of M with our M Power Club members here in Bahrain in a milestone year for the brand. We were delighted to once again reunite after over two years without seeing our devoted M Power club members, and it was a great privilege to join together once again for an evening to celebrate the culture of this nation and our shared passion for the M brand.”

“Engaging in passionate, insightful conversations with true admirers of the M Power brand is something we as M Power Club members are all proud to be a part of.It has been a wonderful experience to see the club reunite in a celebration of the history of the brand with a blend of traditional cultural activities, and we look forward to celebrating the 50 Years of M with further activities throughout the coming year.”

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